Simon Michel


2000 - 2007: Private Music Theory, Piano  & Arrangement Lessons

2007 - 2008: Civic Duty In Germany

2008 - 2009: Musicube Academy (Advanced Filmmusic Composer Dipl.)

2009 - 2015: ArtEZ Conservatory Composition for Film & Theater

2012 : NYC Internship with Composer & Music Producer Tom Salta (Galactic Reign//HALO Spartan Assault)

2014 : Internship with Music Supervisor Julius Robinson in Los Angeles

Since 2014: Director of Catalogue Acquisition at Musicsupervisor INC

Since 2015: Graduated from ArtEZ Conservatory - Master Of Music

Since 2018: Director EU at Musicsupervisor.com

International Game Soundtracks & Trailers

2012: Mass Effect Trilogy Trailer (Assistant Composer to Tom Salta / prod. by Electronic Arts)

2013: Riot Official Game Trailer (dir. by Leonard Menchiari/ Music by Simon Michel)

2013 Command & Conquer Teaser - Electronic Arts (Music by Simon Michel)

2014 Halo Spartan Assault OST (Original Soundtrack by Tom Salta/ Additional Orch. Simon Michel)

2015 Lineage 2 (Original Score by Tom Salta/ Additional Orchestration Simon Michel)

2015 Unravel Official Story Trailer - Electronic Arts & Dark Burn Media (Music by Simon Michel)

Since 2015: Lakini's Woods VR (Produced by Simon Michel)
Blog: www.lakiniswoods.blogspot.com

Feature Films

2014 Divorce Texas Style (dir. by Corbin Timbrook/ Original Soundtrack by Simon Michel)

2019 The Neverlist (Music Supervision by Simon Michel / Barry Coffing)


2008: Il Falconiere (Directed by Leonard Menchiari)

2008: The White Crow (Directed by Leonard Menchiari)

2009: Casanova (Directed by Tanner Boyajian)

2009: Hotel Metamorphosis (Directed by Sylvia Bussmann)

2009: Mayfly (Choreography by Anne Gieseke & Barbara Ebner)

2009: Brave New World (Directed by Leonard Menchiari)

2010: I Am A Liar (Directed by Tanner Boyajian)

2010: Ahriman's Clocks (Choreography by Anne Gieseke)

2011: Kairos (Animation by Benjamin Manderbach)

2011: The Hive (Choreography by Carmen Kraus)

2011: Without Luggage (Theater Performance with Deborah ten Holte)

2011: Das Mädchen und Die Puppe (Animation by Julia Urban)

2011: Darkness (Game Score - Chris Legasse)

2011: Occulta In Nocte (Arrangement for Solo Sopran Tineke Roseboom)

2011: Der Pantomime (Animation by Benedikt Hummel & Martha Ewa Wojakowska)

2011: Medea's Lament (Arrangement for Dianne v. Giersbergen, Ex Libris)

2012: Dunk & Egg Webseries ("Game of Thrones" - fanfiction, directed by Tanner Boyajian)

2012: Psychosis 4:48 by Sarah Kane (Theater Performance w. Nadya v. t' Hoff)

2012: "Enter Purson" (20 Man Fanfare Opening for the AMZAF Festival
, org. by Pieter v. Engelen)

2012: "Ik Liebe Dir" (Sound Design + Music by S. Michel, dir. by Liv Scharbatke & Martin Grötzschel)

2012: "Moon" (Sound Design by S.Michel, dir. by Carl Schröter)

2012 "Friends" (Sound Design by S. Michel, dir. by Michaela Gote)

2013 Warriors of Aztlan (Video Game by Justin Yngelmo & Leonard Menchiari)

2013 Floating Doctors Six Promotional Videos (dir. by Tanner Boyajian)

2013 I Want You To Get Mad (Theater Performance by Mirjam Van Dijk)

2013 Seedlings Episode 1.8 (dir. by Justin Yngelmo and Ian Hinck)

2013 "Homecoming" (Performed by Het Gelders Orkest)

2014 Riot (Video Game by Leonard Menchiari)

2014 Father Mud (Jameson Hesse)

2014 Sons of Guns (Tanner Boyajian)

2014 Baked Goods Episode "Hitler's America" (Justin Yngelmo)

2014 Herman The Monkey (dir. by Shant Hamassian/ produced by Adam Lesar)

2015 Night Of The Slasher (dir. by Shant Hamassian/ produced by Adam Lesar)

2017 Emma (Straightlabs GmbH dir. by Fabrizio Palmas / Original Score by Simon Michel)

2018 Audi Virtual Training (Straightlabs GmbH dir. by Fabrizio Palmas/ Audio Supervision by Simon Michel)

2020 Home From School (dir. by Angela Boyajian / edit by Chase Boyajian)